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situation /,sitju”eiʃn/ danh từ vị trí, địa thếunrivalled for situation: địa thế đẹp không đâu bằng tình thế, tình cảnh, hoàn cảnh, trạng tháian embarrassing situation: tình thế lúng túng chỗ làm, việc làmto find a situation: tìm được việc làm điểm nút (của kịch)
hoàn cảnhemergency situation: hoàn cảnh khẩn cấptình trạngtraffic situation: tình trạng giao thôngtrạng tháiclean situation: trạng thái sạchvị trípile situation plan: sơ đồ vị trí đóng cọcsituation plan: mặt bằng vị tríLĩnh vực: xây dựngtình thếadvantageous situationlợi thếangle of situationgóc thị saiarchitectural and layout situation planbối cảnh kiến trúc quy hoạchclean situationnền sạchcurrent situationđiều kiện hiện tạipile situation plansơ đồ tình huống đóng cọcpresent condition current situationhiện trạngsituation calculustính toán tình huốngcảnh ngộchỗsituation wanted: cần chỗ làmchỗ làmsituation wanted: cần chỗ làmđịa điểmđịa điểm chỗ làmhoàn cảnhspecial situation: hoàn cảnh đặc biệttình cảnhtình hìnhmonetary situation: tình hình tiền tệrebus sic situation: chỉ cần tình hình như cũsituation report (sttrep): báo cáo tình hìnhspecial situation: tình hình đặc biệtsupply and demand situation: tình hình cung cầutình huốngtình thếnon-zero sum situation: tình thế không phải một bên được lợirebus sic situation: chỉ cần tình thế không đổivị tríviệc làmsituation wanted: cần việc làmeconomic situationtrạng huống kinh tếsituation renttiền thuê địa thế tốt

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Từ điển Collocation

Anh-Việt Việt-Anh Nga-Việt Việt-Nga Lào-Việt Việt-Lào Trung-Việt Việt-Trung Pháp-ViệtViệt-Pháp Hàn-Việt Nhật-Việt Italia-Việt Séc-Việt Tây Ban Nha-Việt Bồ Đào Nha-Việt Đức-Việt Na Uy-Việt Khmer-Việt Việt-KhmerViệt-ViệtBạn đang xem : Situation là gì situation /, sitju ” eiʃn / : vị trí đẹp không đâu bằng : tình thế lúng túng : tìm được việc làmsituation noun 1 the things that are happening

ADJ. general, overall, total, whole | current, immediate, present | international, local, national, world | actual, concrete, real/real-life | hypothetical, unlikely | favourable, happy, healthy, ideal, privileged | satisfactory, stable | chaotic, explosive, fluid, unstable, volatile | awkward, delicate, difficult, embarrassing, sticky, stressful, tense, tricky, uncomfortable, unpleasant, vulnerable I always seem to get into sticky situations on holiday. | dangerous, hazardous, perilous, risky | crisis, emergency | alarming, bad, critical, deplorable, desperate, disgraceful, grave, intolerable, serious, terrible, tragic, unhappy | catch-22, hopeless, no-win | absurd, bizarre, extraordinary, ludicrous, novel, odd, paradoxical, ridiculous, strange, unique, unusual | complex, complicated | simple | one-to-one | social Do you feel awkward in social situations? | strategic | work | domestic | economic, financial, legal, military, political the international political situation

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VERB + SITUATION bring about, create, lead to, result in | be faced with, be placed in, encounter, face, find yourself in, get into I found myself in rather an awkward situation. | avoid | grasp, take in, understand She found it difficult to take in the situation. | analyse, appraise, assess, consider, discuss, examine, judge, look at, review, size up, take stock of, think about, weigh up | clarify, describe, explain, outline, sum up | accept, face up to | address, be in control of, cope with, deal with, handle, respond to, take control of learning strategies to cope with difficult situations | ameliorate, defuse, ease, help, improve, rectify, remedy The peacekeepers are trained to defuse potentially explosive situations. | exploit, take advantage of He saw she was confused and he took full advantage of the situation. | lose control of | affect, change, influence, transform | aggravate, complicate, exacerbate Interfering now would only exacerbate the situation.

SITUATION + VERB arise, develop We will deal with that if the situation arises. | improve | change | deteriorate, worsen The situation is deteriorating rapidly.

PREP. in a/the ~ What would you do in this situation?

PHRASES the gravity/seriousness of the situation Given the gravity of the situation, I”m not surprised she”s panicking. | a way out of the situation I was in trouble and I could see no way out of the situation.

2 position of sth

ADJ. beautiful, idyllic, pleasant

PREP. in a ~ located in a beautiful situation

Từ điển WordNet

n .a complex or critical or unusual difficultya complex or critical or unusual difficulty

the dangerous situation developed suddenly

that ” s quite a situationno human situation is simple

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

situationssyn.: case condition location place position whereabouts

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